Psychometric properties of the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale in Mexican adult population


Introduction: The development of specific, reliable and valid measurement instruments aimed at identifying symptoms of anxiety in the face of SARS-CoV-2 is an urgent need in mental health in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Objective: To adapt the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS) and identify its psychometric properties for the Mexican adult population. Methods: Instrumental study of adaptation, validation and identification of psychometric properties in an intentional, non-probabilistic sample, made up of 1070 Mexican adults. Results: A unidimensional structure of four items was found, with acceptable reliability (α = .792; ω = .868). Likewise, the cut scores by sex and symptoms of Covid-19 showed solid diagnostic precision (91% sensitivity and 96.9% specificity). Conclusion: The four-item Spanish version of the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS-4SP) is a short, reliable and valid measure for clinical and research contexts in the Mexican population.

Keywords: Pandemics; Coronavirus Infections; Psychometrics; Validation Study

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